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replica-hermes-beltReplica Hermes Belt With the gradually maturing debt, or the debt scale and back pressure, the greater the risk of default is bigger and bigger. Once appear, widespread defaults, extremely likely avalanche financial risks and consequences. As soon as possible to resolve local government debt risk is imminent. Finance minister Lou jiwei said at a news conference after the two sessions, has found itself issuance replacement local government debt, Hermes Belt Replica ways of resolving short-term risk of default. Displacement index decomposition to the first 1 trillion yuan from local, delay risk model formally opened by replacement. Interpretation, of course, some research institutions and experts as the central bank 10 trillion Hermes Belt will launch, completely is hype hype, is completely in order to attract eyeball misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Hermes Replica Belt central bank directly subscribe or underwrite state bonds and other government bonds, law has a clear ban on. However, the people bank of Fake Hermes Belt is prescribed by the central bank cannot directly subscribe, Buy Hermes Belt AAA the central bank has a lot of indirect method may achieve the effect of Hermes Belt, such as: the central bank to the policy Banks and commercial Banks further credits, by the local government policy Banks and commercial Banks to buy bonds.
At 10 provinces and cities to local government debt issued by the local government to buy object mostly is the commercial Banks. Hermes Belt H Buckle the central bank can be in the name of open market operations, from the secondary bond market buying commercial Banks’ holdings of local government bonds, in areas such as the city for debt can indirectly play a role of liquidity to the market with a large number of Hermes Belt.

Replica Hermes Belt Cheap Overall measure of local debt replacement, no good news for the Banks, it is negative. Here, to remind investors should not be the so-called positive hype and stunt, should be a careful analysis of local government debt replacement for each economic subject, including Banks, real influence, Buy Hermes Belt For Men to determine their investment behavior in the stock market, etc. Must be clear, the local government debt risk of local government is the basic source of leading construction project itself exists the risk of hidden dangers. As long as the project itself is broken, no matter how to change the debt of the project investment means, Hermes Belts Replica finally all must pay the price of risk exposure.

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fake-hermes-beltFake Hermes Belt Although the central bank will not like the fed bond buying directly from the market, however, Hermes Belt $1 trillion is just the beginning of this year, the year after next year again in the future of local government debt maturity is more and more intensive, debt pressure is more and more big cases, replacement lines must be more than 1 trillion yuan. For such a big liquidity needs, if adopt the policy Banks to buy means, not the central bank refinancing support is not possible. local replacement, the high cost of debt maturity, bond issuance if the new bonds issued by commercial Banks to buy mostly, Hermes Belt H Buckle that is another matter.

Fake Hermes Belt For Sale A problem came out, the market is generally believed that local government debt exchange constitutes a substantial positive to the bank. This is 10, after rumors, bank stocks like playing chicken blood rose.what local debt replacement plan for Banks is good or bad? This requires specific analysis. If local government debt is bigger risk, through the exchange, bank loans might, Hermes Belt the bank was real good. Hermes Belt Outlet Online Audit data show that by the end of June 2013, local governments pay responsibility, guarantee responsibility, must rescue responsibility three debt about nearly 11 trillion yuan in a bank loan. Commercial Banks in this replacement, there are two alternative paths: one is a new purchase of local governments to issue bonds, local governments to repay the bank loan, another in the past the bank loan directly into the practice of municipal bonds. In either way, Hermes Belt For Cheap the fact is that the bank has not completely free from local government debt, money isn’t completely back to the account.

Fake Hermes Belt Amazon once the project is not return or project fails, the stakeholders are Banks. At the same time, from the analysis on earnings, bank loans from the higher yields, turn to the low income of local government debt. If, in accordance with the banking regulatory commission local government debt loan servicing many times normal word, then, will significantly reduce Banks’ earnings. Specific to reduce how much? Treasury spokesman, said that the density of the local government can reduce the interest burden , this also reduce the interest income of bank. alleviate the pressure of the local spending, Hermes Belt Cheap on the other side is a bank less income. Is the bank savings along to the government. the only benefit is to a bank, Hermes Belt USA local government debt from the loan subject to the investment bond customer, make to the size of the loan, can lend more. Hermes Belt in the current economic situation, the enterprise generally poor management, the impulse of bank lending is not big, even appeared reluctant to lend. At present, the bank is keen to put their money in the financial system where lending loads that profit, in vitro and in vivo is not keen on loan.